Commercial Real Estate Loans

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Loans are our specialty and we work nationally, as well as, the Caribbean.  Loans range in size from $100k to $50M+ and include, but not limited to commercial, industrial, raw-land, and investment residential properties.

The types of loans range from acquisitions, refinances, bridge, hard money, hotel construction, and entrepreneurial lines of credit. Blue Clover Financial and its associates offer more than 25 years of lending and business expertise to custom tailor each loan to best suit the borrower’s requirements. If we like your loan request and do not directly fund your loan, we will bring in a partner that will.

Our Competitive advantage is that we are connected directly to lenders on a national basis. We listen to you, ask questions to confirm your concerns and then provide responsive solutions to your needs. In some cases we have funded in as little as four days.

Packaging and Managing Your Loan Request

We create a clear, accurate and concise loan request to submit to our underwriters, including a detailed Executive Summary with verified information. All of our investors want to know the following when considering if a loan is viable:

  • Benefit to the Borrower
  • Equity in the Property
  • Exit Strategy

Providing these answers in a straightforward approach enables us to help get your loan request funded.

Our commitment is to work as part of your advisory team to provide significant value-added benefits beyond the financing itself.

Here are some highlights on just 3 types of our many loan programs offered:

Portfolio Finance
Predominately an asset-based underwriting, we offer recourse and non-recourse blanket mortgages on pools of residential investment properties (SFRs, 2-4 Units, & Multi-Family). We offer 5 and 10 year fixed terms; amortized over 30 years or interest-only; require a minimum of 4-5 properties (depending on the state) and $500K loan size; a minimum per asset value of $50,000 ($40K per unit, if multifamily); and will finance up to 75% LTV (assuming 1.20x DSCR minimum). Currently, rates can range from 5.75-8.50%. From signed
term sheet to close takes, on average, 45 to 60 days. For initial terms, you will complete a (1) loan application and (2) data tape template.

Fix/Flip & Aggregation Credit Lines
Our credit line programs are designed for those looking to “fix and flip” and/or to aggregate pools of rental properties to hold long term. Secured by the assets acquired, lines begin at $1,000,000 and generally have a 12-month investment period. The credit facility can be used to acquire SFRs, condos, and small multi-family properties ($50k minimum value). We will finance the lessor of 70% of market value (LTV) or 80% of acquisition cost (LTC). We will not provide draws for rehab, construction, or (re)development. Currently, rates range from 8-10%, interest-only; with a 2% advance fee. General qualifications include: 15-20% liquidity relative to requested line size, minimum FICO of 620, and a comprehensive real estate track record/business plan. From signed term sheet to close takes, on average, 2-4 weeks; funding requests take 7-10 days.
For initial terms, you will complete a (1) loan application and (2) provide real estate investment track record and credit line utilization strategy.

Single Asset Financing
We offer single asset financing; 30 year fixed, fully amortizing mortgages for non-owner occupied rental properties (SFR, Condo, Townhome, or 2-4 Unit); minimum $100k property value; and will finance up to 75% LTV. Currently, rates range from 6.50-8.50%.  For more information and/or specific terms, please contact Single Asset group.

Rates and terms may change without notice and ‘bankable’, thus we compete with banks to earn your business. We have non-bankable products, as well. For a list of documents that may be requested and an application, please visit this link for a list of documents.

Please contact us for more details.

Example Loan Types:

√ Multi-family
√ Bridge Loans
√ Acquisitions
√ Owner-User
√ Churches
√ Bridge
√ Shopping/Strip Malls
√ Hard Money
√ Land (Zoned Commercial)
√ Construction Loans
√ Industrial- Special Purpose
√ Student Housing
√ Mezzanine
√ Hotels