About Us

We specialize in helping businesses achieve the capital funding needed to operate or grow their business. Our executive team has over a decade of financial expertise. Blue Clover Financial offers a wide array of financial services to provide small to mid sized businesses and start-ups with the essential tools needed to obtain the needed capital to operate or grow their business in today’s volatile economy. Every member of our team, starting at the executive level, is committed to providing a personalized service like no other.  We strive to develop a close professional relationship with our clients.
Executive Team
Like many brands, Blue Clover Financial has built its reputation on expertise, in our case positioning the company as a trusted source of information for Businesses nationwide, not only on our capital products, but on business credit, credit card processing, and technology in general. With this high-profile position comes an increased strain on customer service and a pressure to remain one-step ahead of our competition when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs.

In order to keep our clients happy and to make sure they return to us time and time again, the key to standing out is providing the right information, at the right time, in the right way and combining this with a consistency of service.

Our clients vary from recent graduates with award winning business plans, real estate investors, individuals looking to start a home-based business, or retirees with a vision and experience to pursue their lifelong goals. We here at Blue Clover Financial are honored to be a part of aiding in restoring the backbone of the American Economy!

We have locations in Georgia and Florida, but operate nationally with call centers in several locations.

To emerge as the market leader in business financial services sector through a diverse team with an understanding that our client’s success is the number one goal. Offering an array of financial capital services and products to businesses, Blue Clover Financial helps business owners reach their vision of entrepreneurship and save cost allowing them to remain competitive in an ever changing financial environment.
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