Merchant Rebate Program

Merchant Rebate

Tired of hearing merchant processors saying they will save you money on your credit card fees only to find out you’re paying the same amount BlueClover Financial can help! Our merchant rebate program will put the actual savings into your hand every month in the form of check/debit card/deposit or just good old cash if your prefer.


Feel the BlueClover Financial difference with our money saving solution that you can actually feel for your card processing.

Merchant Processing Rebate in 3 steps

Tired of merchant processors saying they will save you big $$$ and lower your percentage on credit card acceptance fees, only to realize that you are still paying high fees after the switch???

1. Statement Review

BlueClover will help change that with real savings that are tangible!!! Let us review your current Merchant Statement. We will analyze your current credit card processing fees.

2. Savings

Blue Clover will then advise you the percentage we can save your Business on credit card processing fees! Our customers typically save 20-30%.

3. Rebate

BlueClover will send you a rebate check monthly for your actual savings percentage. Call your representative today to feel The BlueClover Difference.