Easy Process

Simple Terms

APPLYING:  You submit a quick application form.
A funding specialist will contact you directly to complete the qualification process. Verification includes a number of simple facts about your business and it’s operations.

TRANSACTING:  Upon qualification, you will agree to allow a specific percentage of your business’ future card sales to be forwarded as they are settled. In exchange, you will receive a lump sum of working capital into your business’ checking account and you decide how to spend the money on your business.

FORWARDING:  As each day’s card sales are settled, a specific percentage is automatically forwarded by the business’ credit card processor. This percentage is fixed, so each dollar amount forwarded reflects your daily credit and debit card sales volume.

COMPLETING:  Forwarding stops automatically when the total amount of card sales your business sold has been forwarded – usually in less than 12 months (depending on card sales volume).