Credit Repair

Credit Coaching

We provide ongoing credit score counseling, tips and referrals for building new credit, and work to put you on a path to ongoing financial well being for your business.

Did you know:

  • 29% of consumers have variances of more than 50 points in their credit score between the 3bureaus (CFA/NCRA)
  • 60.8% of files had at least one account that showed different account types across the 3 bureaus (CFA/NCRA)
  • 78.4% of credit reports fail to show at least one revolving account in good standing (CFA/NCRA)
  • 10% of files omitted the date of fulfillment for a bankruptcy (CFA/NCRA)
  • 79% of credit reports contain serious errors (PIRG)
  • 96.1% of credit reports contain inconsistent credit limits (CFA/NCRA)
  • 43% of credit files report a conflicting number of times the same account has been 30 days late (CFA/NCRA)
  • 96% of credit reports show a different delinquency status-between 30 and 90 days delinquent across the 3 bureaus (CFA/NCRA)33.3% of files are missing a mortgage account that’s never been late (CFA/NCRA)
  • 66.7% of files are missing an installment account that’s never been late (CFA/NCRA)
  • 25.5% of files contained contradictory information regarding the date of last activity (CFA/NCRA)
  • 70% of credit reports fail to show a credit limit for at least one account (FRB)
  • Individuals are more likely to have large increases in their FICO scores when non reporting of a credit limit is corrected (FRB)
  • 29% of credit reports contain errors serious enough to cause denial of credit (PIRG)
  • 82.4% of credit reports contain different balances on the same revolving or collection account across the 3 bureaus (CFA/NCRA)